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Basic Security


Basic Security is pre-enabled for most accounts automatically. If it is not enabled, please follow the steps below.

If you are using CometChat on a website

First, check if chat_auth is present in your CometChat HTML code.

If chat_auth not present

Visit the CometChat Admin Panel -> API Keys (top-right button) and copy the Auth Key

Add the following to your HTML code:

  var chat_auth = "YOUR_AUTH_KEY"; 

Then, enable the security setting from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Authentication -> Security -> "Auth Key Verification" -> "Yes".

If you are NOT using CometChat on a website

(i.e. you are using CometChat ONLY in Android/iOS/Cordova/Ionic/Xamarin/Xamarin Forms apps)

Simply enable the security setting "Enable Auth Key Verification?" from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Authentication -> Security.

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Basic Security

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